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A Visit to the Local Bhutanese Garden

I could smell the fragrance of incense in the air as the sun rose higher, making us turn out backs to it to talk with one another.

With hellos, new acquaintances spoke about their connection to urban farming or the Prescott community. I smiled in the beauty of it all, watching more people come through the gate, people who looked the part of caring about peace, justice, and roots in the soil.

The warm August morning sun made sweat gather on our foreheads as we listened to short speeches before the ribbon cutting. We celebrated together with Jambi, one of the organizers of the farm; Rachel, a Catholic Charities urban gardening minister; and many Cultivate KC people as the ribbon was sliced. Our celebration was communal – not just for our Bhutanese friends with their very accomplished garden, but for us as entire community. Look what a treasure we have down the hill here on 14th street (we can wonder to ourselves)!

…and yes, the corn, as they say, was as high as an elephant’s eye.