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Impress-ability and Wisdom

Impress-ability and Wisdom

Could it be that much of western culture believes that the more impressive an item must be, the more life it must contain? What if wisdom is an opposite of this: the more life something contains, the more that something reshapes and redefines what we find impressive?

The big, powerful, and attractive are impressive in our culture; we all feel drawn to them in our seasons. We often associate these things with vitality. The more we see these large traits, the more we feel their gravitational pull. This pull and wiring of desire propels is to then pursue these abstractions in our religious dialog (moments we see in hindsight that struggle to get beyond religious salesmanship).

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How Would You Define “Grace?”

How Would You Define “Grace?”

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Here’s why I ask:

The essence of grace has been something I’ve been wrestling with a lot lately. I’m working through the jumble I’ve inherited from all over: dear friends, theologians I admire, and cliche that’s magnetized to my conscience (as I view it in hindsight).

I believe my concoction is confused, but what’s most perplexing is how I feel I have so many answers for such a simple (and essential) question.

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