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Folk Theology

I heard a great concept of how we come about knowing and believing the things we know. It came from some friends of mine in a casusal conversation — they talked about “Folk Theology.”

The idea of folk theology is that we pick up a lot of things along the way in life. Everyone and just about everything has an influence on who we are and what we believe and live out. We learn things from our parents — their nuances and behaviors, we learn things from friends, we learn small things from people down the street, and we learn even more things from neighbors and media sources.

When we come home at night, the assimilation process begins. Our minds sort of pile everything together and make a collage of reality — our perception at that moment anyway (tomorrow’s experiences and concepts will probably bombard the perception of truth as known, creating another collage right from the torn pieces of yesterday).

…what about absolute truth or reality. I think its still Real and True, but the way we come about realizing that is impacted by the collage that’s being made and has been made. Filters affect what we see and believe. So, when we think about absolute truth and reality, I think it’s important to ask ourselves about the filters we’ve collaged together and wonder about how our perceptions impact the absolute. (Of course, if our perception is messed up, we’re going to occasionally or perhaps frequently wonder whether we’ll ever be able to see or trust Truth and Reality as an abosolute). …I suppose this has a tinge of faith to the matter.

Question: What sorts of “folk theology” have you seen and even believed at times? What has exposure to absolute reality and truth (life with God) done to your collages over time?