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Significant Words? “IN Heaven, ON Earth.” (Love Wins, Bell)

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I’m reading Rob Bell‘s book Love Wins and am enjoying what he’s getting at so far. I’m not too many pages in so anticipate some debate later on. But, so far things are good. The book so far is reminiscent¬†of N.T. Wright‘s Surprised by Hope but written by less of a theological heavy-weight.

Here’s a thought provoked by chapter #2:

The phrase “In Heaven, On Earth,” seems to have significance. In – a designation of not upon but within a sphere or “kingdom” or ruling. On – physicality, touchable, etc. In – the Presence of God. On – in the workable, tangible locale of God’s will currently and becoming enacted in Jesus and his Body. In – heaven. On – earth.

May we continue to pray for God’s will to be done ON earth as it is IN heaven. May we learn by an immersion in Scripture what this will is and what IN and ON really mean for us and all creation. I think we’ve been hearing a lot of groaning for this to happen (Rom. 8), especially from Japan.

The kingdom has come and is coming. Note the linear progression – from heaven to earth. Significant?