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Jesus, The Final Days [Book Reaction]

This was a good book to read with a study group through Lent. It’s a short one, but filled with very helpful guidance as to why Jesus died and why his death was and is important.

We studied this book in pursuit / guidance for the questions: “Why did Jesus die?” and “Why did Jesus have to die?” (Note the nuance between dying and the necessity of his death.)

I feel this little book helped us explore the answers to that question. And, it sums up like this:

Jesus, the crucified one, is also the resurrected one. In crucifixion, our king (Jesus) goes to battle against death, sin, and the Accuser.

Then he rises. And, we respond:

“Jesus is raised,” they say, “therefore he is the Messiah; he is the true Lord of the whole world; therefore we, his followers, have a job to do: we must act as his heralds, announcing his lordship to the entire world.” (Chapter 3)