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The Sound of Salvation

The Sound of Salvation

Sirens race down Central
and what used to be
an annoyance now sounds
like the speed of rescue.

Salvation is coming!
Salvation is coming!
Only in the city
will I hear so many saved.

Then there are those that are lost.
Gone, but…
the horn of the Coming
Christ might sound like this.

The Bleak Winter Sun

The bleak winter sun
fights to display its light, its warmth
fighting through a soft layer of
middle-gray clouds.

They, like a mouse nest blanket
try to warm the earth,
taking the sun’s role
(a prideful move).

I watch down here,
down on this windy earth
experience the duvet of pride.

[This same rat's nest clogs my soul.]

I yell within,
“Move out of the way!”
…nothing changes.

I measure:
Spring will come,
spring will come.
Things will be

made right, made new.