Some say Christianity is easy in our culture, as in, it’s easier to live the Way of Jesus now than in other times and places. Perhaps they’re right. But, much of what I’ve seen has been mirage after mirage — very little Living Water. I intend to map out what I see and what I don’t see. I feel like I’m surveying the way of Jesus within a spiritual desert.

My family and I live in Kansas City, KS. We’ve joined friends and live as an intentional Christian community there. The kingdom of God unfolds in vivid ways here and we’ve enjoyed rhythms of daily prayer, Scripture, and dinners.

I am currently (2014) a director of Christian education with the people of Trinity Lutheran Church, in Mission and Shawnee, KS. They’ve recently asked me to the enter the LCMS Specific Ministry Pastor program (2015) to become a pastor.


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