The Writing Life by Annie Dillard (Book Reaction)

Reading about the life of writing is a search for a muse, a hunt for some artistic stimulation that sends you to your own writing. The Writing Life is like following Dillard around, watching her discover new muses and fight through droughts of non-writing. She keeps you around as a conversation partner, though you don’t have much to say. But this doesn’t bother her.

In a way: A muse igniter is what this book is. You’re brought into the writing lab (wherever that may be) and allowed to read a master’s process. As she works, you feel something within yourself turning over. Like being in the presence of someone quite creative and seeing their creativity create something ex nihilo within your soul, this book is your chance to be the fly on the wall.

Add to this, Dillard is just fun to read – a genius at expressing the uninhibited, real human experience.