The NRSV Daily Bible (Review)

The NRSV Daily Bible (Review)

Initial question:
Will the notes and guided prayer in this book help me pause and dwell with the Lord through the text? Through my day?

Answer: a resounding Yes.

The NRSV Daily Bible is a read-the-Bible-in-a-year devotional Bible that helps the reader pause and dwell on what they’ve just read – which helps bridge the gap between reading out of a sense of devotion and reading to engage the life of prayer. The goal of the Bible is to train the reader in the wonderful, simple practice of lectio divina (reading the Bible in conversation with God in prayer).

Each day’s reading of Scripture is very manageable though longer than a typical devotional book (generally only a few short verses). The excellence of this Bible is the collection of quotes from various Christian devotional classics (ancient and modern) that are paired with each day’s Scripture reading. The devotional classics are connected with well-phrased questions that have been very helpful for propelling me into prayer and journaling.

Finally, the “win” of this Bible is that it helps the reader stretch beyond collecting more and more information about God. The “win” is that the reader is aided in praying, wrestling with, and dwelling with God.