Preparing for Lent

My heart is bending for the sacred season. I anticipate it every year and make plans, sometimes plans too great to carry through.

There’s something about the coming life of spring associated with Lent, a season of spiritual preparation to receive life. Along the journey, in spring and Lent, the soul is shaped to receive and bloom out new life. The metaphor of the spiritual life being a garden makes sense to me during spring, during Lent. Repentance and preparation is preparing the garden to carry life, and we see early signs of life in the process.

I’ve always been this way, as far as I can remember. Lent has always been an anticipated time. Warm spring days have always carried a spiritual significance to them, like a grace of God received and cherished – meant to be absorbed into the core of our being. This joy, once received, can’t help but express itself in gratitude and generosity – at least it’s a prayer of mine that it continues to be that way.

I’m excited for Lent. I wonder what this season will bring this year.