Isn’t Going to Church and Living Out What I Hear There Enough?

I’m feeling the weight of this question: “Isn’t Going to Church and Living Out What I Hear There Enough?” It’s not one someone has explicitly said, but I’ve discerned it in conversations. Others have too, and shared.

I appreciate the question. It makes me think about the eras in history where that’s what people did – they worshiped God, listened to teaching about Jesus, and prayed together.

…but then we also see what some of the bold communities also started to do. They got together during the week, continued praying together, continued exploring Scripture at home (once the Bible was translated and made available for the public). And this togetherness, this being the church, bloomed into loving people in the world – not in a random act of kindness way, but in an intentional getting-pretty-involved kind of way.

Back to the title question. What are we really supposed to be as Christians? Do we simply gather at the beginning of each week to hear a good story? Or, do we gather up and explore how to live this story for ourselves, to live with God here and now in Jesus?